Freebie – Autumn Spice

It is hard to believe, but I think autumn is finally arriving in my neck of the woods. This is the first day that we have been below 100 degrees in what feels like forever, some much needed rain is in the forecast and a few of the leaves are beginning to get the slightest tint of changing colors. It’s time for the fall decorations to come out of storage, the summer clothes to be packed away, the yummy pumpkin recipes pulled out of the cookbooks, and most importantly it is time to enjoy all that this season has to offer – including this new collection, called Autumn Spice! I hope the rich fall colors in this collection, will help to get you in the mood for the autumn season. Included you will find:
5 Solid Papers ~ 5 Patterned Papers ~ 3 Alpha Sets
3 Autumn Leaves ~ 1 Two-Toned Glitterspray
5 Photo Prongs ~ 5 Knotted Strings
3 Frames ~ 1 Journaling Tag ~ 5 Brads
Be sure to join Sprouting Seeds Studio on Facebook (if you haven’t already), as the next Freebie Release is a Facebook Only Freebie and is an add-on to the Autumn Spice Collection! The Autumn Spice Collection is for Personal Use Only, and the download can be found HERE – Enjoy the collection!
Here are the Ideas and Inspiration Pages for Autumn Spice. You will notice that CT Artist Larissa also made a Quick Page for you, and you can find the link to download it below. If you’ve missed any of the Ideas and Inspiration Pages, you can view them all over in the Gallery.

Sprouting Seeds Studio
Sprouting Seeds Studio
CT Artist Larissa
CT Artist Larissa
CT Artist – Stacy
Quick Page From CT Artist Larissa – Download Is Here
The next freebie release on the website, will be in a couple of weeks – see you then!
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Freebie – Think Pink

This collection is dedicated to the women who I know and who I was lucky enough to have known. To those who I’ve lost – you are missed greatly and I think of you often! To those who are fighting – your strength, courage and resilence is beyond inspiration! To those who have survived – it is a joy and celebration each and every day to have you in my life!
The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – designed for Awareness, Education and Empowerment. I hope you will enjoy this collection called Think Pink, and that you will remember those who you’ve lost, those you know who are fighting and those you know who have survived each time that you use the collection. The Think Pink Collection includes the following items:
5 Solid Papers ~ 5 Patterned Papers ~ 4 Buttons 
3 Awareness Ribbons ~ 3 Triple Frames ~ 5 Polka Dot Curly Ribbons 
2 Balloon Clusters (with and without words)
1 Stamped Flower Border ~ 1 Striped Alpha ~ 3 Tags

Have you missed any of the new collections during the month of September? 5 new collections were released in addition to an add-on collection, so you can check the Blog Archive over to the right, to see if you have all the new goodies! Don’t forget to join me on Facebook for even more Freebies, come follow me on Twitter or become a friend through Google Connect!
Here are a couple of Ideas and Inspiration Pages for this collection, or you can see them over in the Gallery
You can find the download for the Think Pink Collection HERE, which is for Personal Use Only.
Coming up next is the Autumn Spice Collection!
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Q and A – Color Palettes and Printing

I received an email from Emily with fantastic questions, so I thought I would answer her questions on the website and share the info with everyone. Thank you Emily for taking the time to contact me and for your very nice comments…I loved hearing from you and I’m always happy to answer questions.

Emily wrote: Hi! I LOVE your kits, your style, your layouts and well your entire website. You design in such a unique and sophisticated manner and your layouts look like they have come from the pages of magazines. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your talent and hard work through all the freebies and the information you share. I have a few questions for you, if you have time to answer them?

How do you determine your color palettes? They are always so beautiful and inspiring.

  • I’ve learned how to use my cell phone camera really well, so when I’m out and about and I see a great design, color scheme, landscape, etc., I simply take a photo, email it to myself and then save those photos in a folder on my computer. When I begin a new collection, I browse through the photos and then I upload a photo to Big Huge Labs which has a great Color Generator. Here is how easy it is once you upload your photo: Click the Create button and it will give you 15 colors from the photo you uploaded. Click the download button right below the 15 colors swatches, select a file name and save it as an ASE file. I work in PSE7, so I then load the color palette into my color swatches, which I have on my layers palette. If you don’t have or aren’t seeing color swatches, click on Windows in the menu bar, then click on Color Swatches. Click the double arrows on the Color Swatches window, click on load swatches, find your ASE file and your new color palette will load. I then use these colors to create a customized color palette for each collection. Really fun to use and oh so simple! 

I’d like to print my completed pages into books for gifts. Do you know of any places that do this?

  • What a great gift your books are going to make! There are many, many places to choose from to have your completed pages turned into spectacular books. You may wish to peek at ShutterflyMpix and Snapfish to get you started. Also if you are a Costco member, I recently received information that they are now offering photo books, so you can check them out as well. If anyone has a company they’ve used to print out completed pages into books and would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment of your favorite printing store!

Do you have any collaborations or blog trains where I could download more of your kits?

  • I have never done a collaboration kit, but would LOVE to, as I think it would be so much fun. I am trying to join a blog train, and will know in a couple of weeks if that will be happening, so I’ll keep everyone posted. 

Do you have a store where your kits are for sale? If you do, I would like 1 of everything!

  • I don’t currently have any of the collections for sale, but I have started to design collections that will only be sold. I’ve been diligently working for many months on researching the best way for me to add my collections for sale right on my website, so stay tuned, as hopefully this will be happening very soon!

On the Facebook 50 Collection, there is a page with the wording “Stunning”. What do I need to do to make the background paper look just like yours?

  • You don’t need to do a thing. The paper I used for that layout is straight out of the collection – Paper 3 – Patterned. Just drop and drag it on to your page and your background will look just like mine. 
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Photoshop Elements 9

Hip, hip, HOORAY! For everyone who has been patiently waiting…drum roll please…, Adobe has released Photoshop Elements 9 for both Windows & Mac! If you have been thinking about trying Photoshop Elements or upgrading from a previous version of PSE to use for digital scrapping, from experience, I would recommend that you download the trial version of the program, to make sure it has all the features you’d like and works the way you want it to with your computer. I purchased PSE8 several months ago, was so excited to install and get going with it since I had such terrific luck with PSE7, however, my laptop decided it was not going to play well and did not get along with PSE8, so I had to uninstall and return back to PSE7. Had I just downloaded the trial version to take on a test drive first, I could have saved myself some $$$. To learn more about Photoshop Elements 9, check out Adobe’s website here, where you can read about all the new gizmos and gadgets available in the PSE9 release, and YES, you’ll see the Free Trial Button right up at the top!   
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Blog Freebie – The Sweet Shoppe

I greatly appreciate all of you who have come over to Facebook to “like” Sprouting Seeds Studio and I hope everyone enjoyed the back to back celebration collections for the Facebook Fans reaching 50 and then just days later reaching 100!! Unfortunately, some of the Freebie Search Engines are picking up my freebies, but the preview is not showing through and the website owners aren’t certain why that is happening, so many of the fans, followers and visitors do not know when a new collection has been released. If you don’t want to miss out receiving notification of new collections, you may come “like” Sprouting Seeds Studio on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or join through Google Friend Connect. If you have missed any of the collections – especially the Facebook celebration ones, you can find the postings over to the right under Blog Archive.
I promised a calorie free, guilt free treat and here it is – The Sweet Shoppe Collection! These terrific colors that include a wonderful yellow, bright green, gorgeous orange, fantastic dark pink and a great neutral off-white, were a lot of fun to design with. What does this collection include? Here is a breakdown of what you will receive: 
5 Solid Papers ~ 5 Patterned Papers ~ 3 Ric Racs
3 Alpha Sets (includes upper/lower case and numbers/symbols)
3 Journal Tags ~ 9 Pieces of Candy ~ 3 Filled Candy Jars
2 Frames ~ 4 Flowers ~ 2 Word Art  
Here are the Ideas and Inspiration Pages for this collection, which have also been added to the GalleryThe Sweet Shoppe Collection is for Personal Use Only….here is the download

The next collection is a surprise….Sshhh – even the Creative Team Artists don’t know about it! You’ll have to keep checking back to see what it is!!
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Blog Freebie – Facebook 100 Collection

Just a quick note to all the fans, followers, readers and visitors who have emailed to let me know the preview of the Facebook 50 Collection did not show up on some of the freebie search engines. I don’t want anyone to miss out on this collection – so if you didn’t see the Facebook 50 Collection, you can peek at and download it right here
It’s Time For Another Celebration As…
Sprouting Seeds Studio Has Now Reached Triple Digits — 100 Fans On Facebook!
I have the best fans, followers, readers and visitors, as who would have guessed (certainly not me!) that the Facebook Fan numbers would double in just 3 days! I’d like to welcome the newest 50 Facebook Fans, and send a huge thank you to all of the fans, followers, readers and visitors. I’m grateful for all of you who have introduced and shared Sprouting Seeds Studio with your fellow scrappers, family and friends! Thank you so much!!!
You obviously LOVE challenges and are really, really good at them, so I’m going to have to think up a new challenge and reward for all of you! If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what it should be, please leave a comment for me below, on Facebook, or click Contact above and let me know your ideas! 
The Facebook 100 Collection was designed with a great color palette that includes hues of purple, lavender and chartreuse green, mixed with gorgeous neutrals of gold and tan. Designed for everyday use, here are the items you’ll find in this collection: 
5 Solid Papers ~ 5 Patterned Papers ~ 1 Alpha ~ 3 Bookplates
3 Swirls ~ 5 Ribbon Wraps ~ 2 Pinwheels ~ 5 Buttons
3 Crackle Frames ~ 4 Big Brackets

The Facebook 100 Collection is for Personal Use Only – here is the download. I hope you enjoy this celebration collection!
Here are the Ideas & Inspiration Pages for this collection. They have been added to the gallery.

I know I’ve said this in the last 3 posts, but I really mean it this time…The Sweet Shoppe Collection WILL be the next release! 
Have a great week everyone!!
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Blog Freebie – Facebook 50 Collection

It’s Time To Celebrate As…
Sprouting Seeds Studio has reached 50 Fans on Facebook! 
Thank you so much to all the Facebook Fans… it is because of you, that everyone gets to join in on this party. I’d like to send a very special thanks to Jessica A. for being the 50th Fan – Thank you, Jessica! 
This Facebook 50 Collection was designed with some very fun and sophisticated autumn colors. Rich chocolate brown, gorgeous pumpkin, stunning teal blue along with melon and grey, really made this color palette easy to get inspired by. Designed for year around use, you will find the following items in this collection: 
5 Solid Papers ~ 5 Patterned Papers ~ 3 String Frames ~ 1 Alpha 
2 Decorative Tags ~ 5 Buttons with Ties ~ 2 Paper Flowers 
5 Matching Staples ~ 3 Brads ~ 2 Swirly Doodles
Are you ready for another challenge with a reward at the end? I will have a special freebie collection when Sprouting Seeds Studio reaches 100 Fans on Facebook! I hope in the meantime, you will enjoy this celebration collection!! The Facebook 50 Collection is for Personal Use Only. Here is the download.
Below are the Ideas & Inspiration Pages for this collection – they have been added to the gallery too!

I’ll be back soon with the next freebie release called, The Sweet Shoppe!
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