Out West Collection

It’s Official…
The Sprouting Seeds Studio Shop 
Opens Friday, October 22nd!
The past several months have been filled with a lot of fun, as well as a lot of planning and researching to determine what would be the best way for me to offer my resale collections to all of you. I’m thrilled that the final decisions are made, the system testing is complete and that the Shop Page will return to the website on Friday, which is where you will find the first 3 Resale Collections being released. There will be lots of terrific collections for you to select from, along with special announcements and maybe even a giveaway or two, that I will be telling you about in the weeks and months ahead. If you’d like to make sure that you receive all the announcements from Sprouting Seeds Studio, for new resale Collections, Freebies, Contests, Giveaways, etc. please join me on Facebook, Twitter or Google Friend Connect! 
The Creative Team is so busy working on some wonderful layouts with the new Resale Collections, for the Ideas and Inspiration Gallery, to help give you just a few ways that the collections can be used.  
Over the next day or so, I’ll be posting previews of the 3 Collections that will be available when the store opens on Friday. First up is the Out West Collection! Just click on the preview to take a closer look. 
I’ll be back tomorrow morning to give you a preview of the second Collection.
Sprouting Seeds Studio
Received this email from Kelsey: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your layouts. They are always so beautiful and inspiring. Can you answer a couple of questions for me? 2. On the out west layout, how did you get 3 of the 4 pictures to look alike and leave only the 1 in color, how did you get your “OUT WEST” lettering that color and how did you get the whimsical little underlines under the words? 

Hi Kelsey, thank you for your very nice email and comments. For the layout above, this is really simple. I put all the photos in place and then selected the 3 photos one at a time and applied the Sepia Tone (found under the Effects Palette in PSE7) to each photo. The lettering is right out of the Out West Collection too. Once I had it in place, I applied the Sepia Tone Effect to each letter. As for the underline on the words, that is actually a brush with the color set to match the wording, and I just brushed a small underline under the words.

CT Artist – Stacy
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